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ad·vance  \ədˈvans\ v : Move forward in a purposeful way; improve; make progress; raise to a higher level.

Advance Consulting exists to help you advance your civil engineering design processes to a higher level.  A combination of extensive real-world engineering experience and knowledge of the latest design software is provided to increase productivity, quality, and enjoyment of the design process - reducing inefficiencies and frustration.

Faster.  Cheaper.  Better.

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Who is Advance Consulting?

Advance Consulting was founded by Karl Dauber.  Karl is a registered Professional Engineer with over 38 years of experience providing hydraulic design services for civil engineering projects, particularly transportation infrastructure.  He has been responsible for numerous drainage system designs, stormwater management plans, and bridge hydraulic, flood mitigation, and scour studies. He has extensive experience using hydrologic and hydraulic methodologies and programs by ACOE and FHWA, numerous proprietary programs by Bentley Systems and others, and CAD-based software such as Inroads Storm & Sanitary, and more recently OpenRoads Designer.  In the early 2000's, Karl assisted Bentley with CAD software development through the Storm & Sanitary Steering Committee and recently worked with Bentley through their Innovation Council.

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Experience.  Knowledge.

Configuration & Setup

Organizational setup and configuration for Bentley Civil Engineering software, particularly OpenRoads Designer and Drainage and Utility Design and Analysis.

Workflow Optimization

Analysis and evaluation of existing design practices.  Development of optimized workflows leveraging the latest design software, customized to the client's specific practices and standards.


Documentation for standard design practices, workflows, and production standards.  Development of user manuals and training materials.


Training, both online and onsite, to implement updated design and production processes and increase the confidence and expertise of staff.

Project Support

Project support for hydraulic design services: analysis of existing conditions and identification of causes and extent of drainage and flooding issues; design concept development; hydrologic and hydraulic design consulting and reviews.

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Karl knew the material well and was also familiar with the current state of adoption between Bentley and NCDOT.

Colin, STV

Karl is very knowledgeable about the software so he was able to answer pretty much all questions asked in detail.  He was very calm and patient and created a comfortable learning environment.

Grace, STV

Karl is very knowledgeable in the software, very patient, and willing to help; welcoming and easy to ask questions.  Great instructor!

Lance, WSP

Karl presented the material and gave plenty of time for hands on work.  Well done.

Kevin Alford, Wetherill

Karl knows his stuff.  Great approach to teaching.

Jake, Sungate

The best and most helpful class I’ve taken.  Karl was patient, on time, eager to help, and explained topics easily.

Jacob, LaBella

Karl explained things in a clear and concise manner and addressed any issues at hand.  He gave a strong foundation of the fundamentals prior to going into demonstrations.

Iesha, LaBella

Karl was very kind and very patient.  He presents many work-arounds when the software doesn’t seem to do as you like.

Jeffrey, ICE

Karl is clearly very knowledgeable of both the software and drainage and utilities and is able to communicate topics and ideas in an easily understandable way.  He answered all questions well and provided additional information to further help.

Sarah, ICE

Karl showed a good grasp of the software from engineer's/designer's point of view and tied it to potential applications well.

Tom Johnson, Oregon DOT

Karl was great.  He has similar background and design experience that I found to be very helpful when explaining concepts.

Alberto Juarez, Oregon DOT

Karl was knowledgeable and conveyed ideas very well.  He was very helpful and answered our questions.

Allan Simpson, Nevada DOT

Very patient, pleasant demeanor, and more than willing to answer questions.

Payton Hillman, Nevada DOT

Great instructor, well experienced on the topic, design, and software.

Jessie Brown, WSP

Karl was great, knew the subject, was patient, and well organized.

Avery Smith, David Evans and Associates

Karl was very knowledgeable and could answer almost all questions participants in the course had, and anything he did not know he researched while participants completed a lab or had a break.  Karl was also very personable and was able to create an environment where I felt that he had a lot of experience with OpenRoads but was also learning alongside course participants and was working out problems we experienced with us. I found that more beneficial than simply asking a question and getting an answer, without seeing how the solution was reached.

Skyler Adelson, David Evans and Associates

Very knowledgeable.  Handled the varying levels of student experience well.

Kris Michaels, 1 Alliance Geomatics

Karl was great. He responded to questions and showed a genuine interest in helping us get the most out of the class.  When there was a question he didn't know the answer to, he openly talked about what OpenRoads was trying to do even if he could not directly answer the question, and followed up with us where he could. He was engaging which led to a pleasant class experience.

Quinn Davis, Parametrix

Karl was great.  Friendly, knowledgeable and answered all questions.

Frankie Bolder, Parametrix

Karl was very patient with the trainees, and he explained things in detail and made sure everybody understood clearly the topic discussed. He also answered all the questions we had in a very thorough manner and worked alongside us to see how to resolve the issues we were having.  He went far and beyond to make sure the questions were answered.

Sandy Williams, CA Group

Karl knew the program very well.

Casey Johnson, HDR

Very good explanations and help with issues.

Robbie White, DOWL

Karl did an excellent job.  Made it easy to follow along.  Adapted well to questions, and was very organized.

Riley Jones, T. Baker Smith

Instructor was very good.  Karl is very knowledgeable with the program and addressed all questions.  I have minimal experience with Microstation and Inroads and Karl was very helpful to me.

Payton Hillman, T. Baker Smith

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