ad·vance  \ədˈvans\ v : Move forward in a purposeful way; improve; make progress; raise to a higher level.

Advance Consulting exists to help you advance your civil engineering design processes to a higher level.  A combination of extensive real-world engineering experience and knowledge of the latest design software is provided to increase productivity, quality, and enjoyment of the design process - reducing inefficiencies and frustration.

Faster.  Cheaper.  Better.


Who is Advance Consulting?

Advance Consulting was founded by Karl Dauber.  Karl is a registered Professional Engineer with nearly 35 years of experience providing hydraulic design services for civil engineering projects, particularly transportation infrastructure.  He has been responsible for numerous drainage system designs, stormwater management plans, and bridge hydraulic, flood mitigation, and scour studies. He has extensive experience using hydrologic and hydraulic methodologies and programs by ACOE and FHWA, numerous proprietary programs by Bentley Systems and others, and CAD-based software such as Inroads Storm & Sanitary, and more recently OpenRoads Designer.  In the early 2000's, Karl assisted Bentley with CAD software development through the Storm & Sanitary Steering Committee. He also has experience and training with 2D hydraulic modeling using Aquaveo SMS, ADCIRC, and SRH-2D.



Experience.  Knowledge.

Configuration & Setup

Organizational setup and configuration for Bentley Civil Engineering software, particularly OpenRoads Designer and Drainage and Utility Design and Analysis.

Workflow Optimization

Analysis and evaluation of existing design practices.  Development of optimized workflows leveraging the latest design software, customized to the client's specific practices and standards.


Documentation for standard design practices, workflows, and production standards.  Development of user manuals and training materials.


Training, both online and onsite, to implement updated design and production processes and increase the confidence and expertise of staff.

Project Support

Project support for hydraulic design services: analysis of existing conditions and identification of causes and extent of drainage and flooding issues; design concept development; hydrologic and hydraulic design consulting and reviews.


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